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The lyophilizer to individual household field development prospects

Freeze-drying machine, also known as freeze drying machine, with its green, without adding, environmental protection and can maximum limit retained its nutrient composition way of the love of people, and is become the aerospace technology. To the lyophilizer also means that the prospect of huge personal household sector.

(1) the lyophilizer lyophilizer consists of laboratory and industrial production the lyophilizer, personal home dedicated small lyophilizer market vacancy;

(2) the food safety problem has prompted the rapid development of the lyophilizer, the sublimation of the lyophilizer is to use the physical principle, the moisture of the material under low temperature and vacuum environment, resulting in freeze-dried food. The process without adding, the high temperature frying, can maximum limit retains its nutrition ingredient;

3. With the development of social economy, people living standard rise, recognition of high-end freeze-dried food;

4. Most families are now a one-child family, the child nutrition value, as well as the freeze-dried fruits and vegetables as snacks, not only can supply enough nutrition, and freeze-dried fruits and vegetables to eat crunch don't have a taste, can solve a large part of the child piddle problem.

5. More and more pay attention to family of autotrophic dog and cat food.

and so on the outlook for the market there are many can list, freeze-dried vendors would not list one here, independent research and development production of small lyophilizer: not only the operation is simple, small size, and high cost performance, also can avoid tedious operation in situ freeze-dried function as well as traditional lyophilization machine operation process of artificial contact pollution, can be the agent, OEM.

the lyophilizer:
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