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The lyophilizer shallow development prospects

With the increase of the lyophilizer technology, the promotion of people's living standard, freeze-dried food also gradually into people's life. Such as the purpose of the freeze-dried vegetables one is the production of various kinds of convenience food seasoning, 2 it is to provide a special diet life vegetable demand or used to regulate the off-season supplies to the vegetables.

freeze-dried food variety, but also will be more and more, sales in China is the biggest instant noodles. Noodles are Chinese, especially in north China people's traditional eating habits and hobbies, instant noodle is based on the practice development and produce a kind of convenience food, it has entered innumberable families, people generally eat cheap food, its sales is great. But its obvious disadvantage is the lack of nutrition, flavor of vegetables. Equipped with vegetables, for a long time, instant noodles are all hot air drying products, its nutrients and flavor basically wiped out, so, will seriously hinder the production and business operation and market development of instant noodles. Use the lyophilizer production of freeze-dried vegetables has injected new vitality for the instant noodles production, in recent years, some famous instant noodle manufacturers both at home and abroad, have been using freeze-dried vegetables for the seasoning, produce conforms to the Chinese eating habits, and rich nutrition, food smells, taste delicious, a great variety of new type of instant noodles, become a popular food in the market.

in addition, the field work life special populations, such as combat troops, adventure, etc. , the emergence of freeze-dried food for their diet rich life to provide the necessary material conditions. Therefore, the lyophilizer market development prospect.

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