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The lyophilizer price, how much money a

The lyophilizer price, how much money a? For this also divided into pharmaceutical or food fruit and vegetable with vacuum freeze drying machine equipment, different production is divided into small, pilot model, with large production. Therefore, how to choose and buy the lyophilizer price, how much money a? Also need to clear their own use, first production demand.

the lyophilizer price, first drug use lyophilizer for requirements, configuration than the freeze-dried food with high confidential and strictly, its price is relatively high! Second, the lyophilizer different production, its price is different also, the higher the yield of the lyophilizer and the higher price!

for example: the independent research and development of the new suitable for household small fruit lyophilizer HFD price series, TF - HFD - 1 ( Freeze-dried area 0. 1 square, capacity 1 - at a time 2 kg) The market price is 39800 yuan, TF - HFD - 4 ( Freeze-dried area 0. Four square, 4 - quantity at a time 6 kg) The market price is 49800 yuan, TF - HFD - 6 ( Freeze-dried area 0. 6 square, processing 6 - every time 8 kg) The market price is 79800 yuan. Note: the specific discount, need to dock with the responsible for the lyophilizer Eva airways had scheduled another round-trip charter 13661495136.
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