The lyophilizer laboratory soil environmental requirements

by:CBFI     2020-10-09
Soil lyophilizer also known as the soil freezing dryer or vacuum freeze drier, environmental requirements for the sample preparation room: should be in the sun, But samples of protected from direct sunlight) , ventilation, clean, no dust, no room of volatile chemicals. To facilitate air sample, had better not less than 10 square meters.

is a professional freeze-dry machine manufacturers, according to China's soil pollution is heavier, the soil environmental quality, GongKuangYe remnant soil environment problem is outstanding, the soil total point which is 16. 1%. In such a serious situation of soil pollution. Both for the repair of contaminated soil and the protection of uncontaminated soil, soil monitoring have become a priority. Our timely development and launch for the vacuum freeze-drying of TF - soil 陕西林业局。 10 soil lyophilizer, make sure that the soil organic matter, microorganism, prototyping, soil, soil samples and test the material before the stay, to ensure the authenticity and validity of monitoring soil samples.

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