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The lyophilizer equipment matching refrigeration compressor is introduced

The lyophilizer equipment matching refrigeration compressor is introduced. Compressor is the core of the freeze-drying mechanism of cold system, compressor is to compress gaseous freon, from inspiratory mouth suction low temperature low pressure gas freon, after piston or screw compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas freon, through the exhaust pipe out.

compressor according to the compression form, can be divided into piston compressor and screw compressor. Piston compressor can be divided into open again, semi-closed, full closed three forms. According to the compression level, can be divided into the single stage compressor, the compressor and two-stage compressor cascade type compressor. Now choose mostly piston semi-closed two-stage compressor. Small freeze-dried pause with piston semi-closed or single stage compressor piston closed single stage compressor.

small lyophilizer

1, the structure of the piston compressor,

piston compressor is mainly composed of motor, steam valve, cylinder cover, lose rate regulation, crankshaft, connecting rod component, piston components, shaft seal, the body components, lubrication system, etc. The valve is mainly composed of valve seat, valve plate, valve spring and the lift limiter.

2, screw refrigeration compressor, compared with the traditional reciprocating compressor, have very big advantage.

(1), high work efficiency. Do not need to convert rotary motion to reciprocating movement, reduce the mechanical loss of the resulting; There will be no residual gas in the no clearance volume expansion process again, no sliding friction, do not need to set up the piece of the suction and discharge valves, indicated efficiency and mechanical efficiency is higher than effect.

(2), good energy adjustment mode. Reciprocating compressor relative adjustment ability is poorer, and screw compressor performed very well in this respect, the refrigerating capacity can be adjusted between 15% ~ 100%, when the cold quantity adjustment between 60% ~ 100%, its power consumption and the refrigerating capacity in the same proportion.

(3), good running performance. Because of its simple structure of screw refrigeration compressor, parts number is only 1/10 of the piston, the compressor running reliable, safe, small amplitude, strong adaptability, within the scope of high and low turbidity refrigeration applications have good performance.

screw industrial ice machine refrigerating capacity comparison with piston type

screw ( Kobe steel) SH22F( 20千瓦) R22 50 hz

piston ( Zell) S66J - 32. 2 ( 24千瓦) R22 50 hz

等SH22F S66J - 32. 2

- 30℃  35,800( 21. 3) 29290 ( 22. 1)

- 40, 24400 ( 19. 2) 17990 ( 17. 7)

- 50, 15800 ( 17. 5) 9400 ( 12. 2)

- 60, 11500 ( 16. 0) - ( - )

note) Values for refrigerating capacity Kcal/h ( ) The Kw power for

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