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The lyophilizer daily application of the equipment

Freeze-drying equipment

the intermittent freeze-drying equipment appropriate multiple varieties and small batch production, size is out of line in food for strong seasonal food production. In contrast, freeze-drying equipment specifications abroad than domestic, and form a complete set of equipment, energy-saving structure strong colors, continuation of freeze-dried equipment production.

the intermittent freeze-drying equipment vacuum freeze drying craft property in biological engineering, medicine, food, property, materials science and agricultural and sideline products deep processing scale has been widely. Intermittent freeze-drying equipment is easy to control the material dry divided stages of heating temperature and vacuum degree of the request. In terms of traditional Chinese medicine, today still confined to the ginseng, deer antler, yam, Chinese caterpillar fungus and so on a small amount of Chinese medicinal materials of freeze-dried, more amount of freeze-drying technology on proprietary Chinese medicine has not, with foreign gap is larger.

freeze-dried craft of dominating and equipment is inseparable, until today, freeze-drying equipment situation important divided into intermittent and continuation of type two kinds, the size of the equipment never to one square metre to dozens of square meters. Construction and maintenance equipment processing aftercare easily. Japan opened a few years ago & other The medicine made in the western han & throughout; , changed the traditional Chinese medicine stewing, solved the cannot be made into injection or tablet of traditional Chinese medicine, also solved the traditional Chinese medicine to treat acute not hard, is China's traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) freeze-drying technology and product research has great potential.

pharmaceutical freeze drying for western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) two parts.

as the GMP certification 'junjun, excellence of domestic pharmaceutical freeze-drying equipment comprehensive entered the ancient stage, complete efficacy, work reliable, performance unchanged, can the solid line at the moment are cleaning ( CIP) Or steam disinfection sterilization, SIP) , each craft index can meet the needs of the production of the freeze-dried biological products and medicines. But due to suck up such as loading, unloading, starting with time more, is to be dominating equipment rate is low, the production efficiency is not high also. Using single dominating, if a device malfunction, will not affect the normal operation of other devices

ratios over the past few years, both at home and abroad preliminary test and dominating the continuation of the vacuum freeze-drying equipment.

in the biological craft product scale, freeze-dried craft important used in serum, plasma, vaccines, enzymes, antibiotics, hormones and other drugs production; Checking of biochemical medicine, immunology and bacteriological checking drugs; Blood, bacteria, artery, bone, skin, cornea, nerve tissue and various organs long preservation, etc.

device of the present situation and the growth in terms of injection, freeze drying process using the bucket strength more, advance the moral content and stored in a few days, doctor-patient unilaterally all get the advantage. But today matter lyophilized drug variety, product price is high, the drying process is not ancestors. Continuation of the characteristics of the type equipment is suitable for varieties of single and complex production, raw materials, enrich the product production, out suitable slurry and the production of granular products. 。 Type equipment easily realize initiative in moderation, simplified artificial dominating and rbis, its important weaknesses weaknesses is capital. In order to guarantee the quality of the freeze-dried products and energy saving, often adopts freeze-drying equipment combined with other drying equipment in the combination of freeze-dried equipment all the way, such as spray freeze-drying equipment. Western medicine freeze-dried must have obtained the growing at home, a lot of larger pharmaceutical factory have freeze drying equipment.
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