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The lyophilizer can do what food

Both in freeze-dry machine and drying equipment, drying equipment. But belongs to the traditional high temperature drying drying, with the continuous development of science and technology, can also make items under low temperature and dry, the lyophilizer is its representative. At present, the freeze-drying technology has been widely used in biological products, medical pharmaceutical, chemical, food, health care products, pet food, etc.

the following to the lyophilizer application in food industry, freeze-drying machine can do what food? Common food freeze-dried has the following application:

1, fruits, litchi, longan, banana, strawberry, peach, cherry, apple, pear, orange, cantaloupe, pineapple and so on. :
2, vegetables such as mushrooms, mushroom, Chinese toon, day lily, asparagus, celery, green beans, peas, peas, carrot, tomato, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, onion, chili, coriander, corn, etc.
3, aquatic product categories: shark fin, shrimp, crab, turtle, squid, sea cucumbers, scallops, sea zhe, kelp, seaweed, etc.
4, meat: pork, beef, snake meat, lamb, chicken, rabbit meat, ham and so on.
5, convenient food bowl: noodles, boxed dinners, baby food, tourism, food, old food, military, aerospace, food, etc.
6, drinks, instant coffee, instant tea, such as solid beverage, fruit juice, fruit tea, vegetable juice, health care, nutrition, nutrition infusion of tea, red tea, etc.
7, seasoning, green onion, ginger, garlic, soup, jam, regulate material, spices, etc.
8, health care category: ginseng, deer antler, cordyceps sinensis, rhizoma gastrodiae, radix polygoni multiflori, angelica, notoginseng, bird's nest, yam, royal jelly, honey, flower powder, turtle, turtle, turtle, etc.
9, food industry lead: eggs, DouLiao, dry fruit, vegetable protein powder, etc.
10, other classes: animal collagen protein, enzyme, serum, strains, biological products, etc.
11, pet food freeze-dried: with pet owners understanding of the benefits of freezing and drying food, pet food freeze-dried also gradually popular, now common with freeze-dried duck, chicken breast, freeze-dried quail, lyophilization freeze-drying beef, salmon and drying, and so on pet freeze-drying snack.
13, areas of traditional Chinese medicine: traditional drying method, high temperature drying easily lead to loss of Chinese herbal medicine effective components. Traditional Chinese medicine and freeze-dried, low temperature dry heat-sensitive material is saved.

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