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The lyophilizer application in the field of biotechnology, much attention has been paid to its market

Biotechnology in the 21st century occupies an important place in the development of science and technology, biological technology has become the most rapid development in today's high-tech areas, countries in the development of science and technology must be the commanding heights of the gun. Lyophilizer in biomedical applications, biochemical drugs and biological agents can greatly solve the instability of chemical, physical, and biological problems.

because of the sublimation of tiny ice crystals, often after lyophilization in porous solid material structure remains frozen in front of the volume, and add water dissolves readily recover after, only the material need to meet certain conditions during the process of sublimation. From the temperature of bio-pharmaceutical products, general can keep below - 25 ℃ low temperature condition, more suitable for dry enzyme, hormone, nucleic acid, blood, and immune products such as heat resistant material. Biological medicine products after drying to 95% ~ 99% or more of the moisture out, and drying process shall be carried out under the condition of vacuum, so the products not easy to be oxidized, so this technology is suitable for long-term preservation products.

with the rapid development of biological pharmacy, technology has been the lyophilizer pharmaceutical production practice proved to be a very effective technology, and in the process of the pharmaceutical industry sustainable development more and more shows its superiority. So the lyophilizer application in the field of biotechnology, much attention has been paid to its market.

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