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The lyophilizer

Is the domestic professional freeze-dry machine manufacturers, not only has the leading technical level both at home and abroad, even more good after-sales service and high quality solutions. The lyophilizer according to utility cent, can be divided into the lab freeze-drying machine, also the lyophilizer, the lyophilizer.

the lyophilizer, laboratory is introduced:

the lyophilizer is mainly used for laboratory institute of colleges and universities, scientific research laboratory, etc. , seiko meticulous, simple and applicable, flexibility is strong, etc. A variety of specifications and configuration, can satisfy the requirement of most laboratory routine freeze-dried.

lab freeze-drying machine, also known as small lyophilizer and experimental the lyophilizer, points from the function, can be divided into: normal, gland, how manifold.

ordinary lyophilizer: bulk material in the material plate, suitable for food, Chinese herbal medicine, freeze-dried powder materials.

the lyophilizer gland type: suitable for schering bottles of dry, freeze-dried preparation, according to the need, the material packing in schering bottles, floating cover the cap after freeze drying, drying after the gland organization operation pressure cap, can avoid secondary pollution, the adsorption of water, easy to long-term preservation.

manifold type ( Ordinary) Lyophilizer: in dry outdoor joint flask, material of spin frozen on the inner wall of the bottle dry, then flask as a container to pick up outside the drying oven on the manifold of flask material by room temperature in the heating, through manifold switching device, can be removed at any time according to need or mount flask, need not stop.

manifold type ( T) The lyophilizer: suitable for ampoule pipe. Against bacteria, fungi and other concerning the preservation of microbial strains, laboratory ampoule seal method is often adopted. The samples enclosed in a small ampoule after freeze drying. It has long storage period, small variation, to a large number of preservation and the advantages of wide application scope.

how manifold gland type lyophilizer: combine the gland and manifold more characteristics. Type

2, test the lyophilizer is introduced:

in order to satisfy the user's small batch freeze-drying and the demand of the freeze-dried material experiment, launched a 0. 1m² To 3 m & sup2; Production area of pilot type vacuum freeze drier, hereinafter referred to as pilot type lyophilizer.

this series of machine: lyophilized warehouse and cold trap as two independent cavity, freeze-dried storehouse of the shelf with the function of refrigeration, material placement after freeze-drying chamber, precool of material, drying process without manual operation. In situ lyophilization is development direction, the lyophilizer is to grope for the ideal choice for freeze-drying process, especially suitable for medicine, biological products and other special products of freeze-dried.

type pilot lyophilizer freeze-drying process is the inside of the material first to freeze into a tiny ice crystals, in type to the pilot of the lyophilizer drying chamber pressure, and then heating heating, ice is constantly sublimated into water vapor, until the water in the sublimation raw materials to meet the requirements of dried, so as to achieve the purpose of drying. Lyophilization of main equipment for the square type of pilot type freeze-drying machine, equipped with frozen, extraction, heating measurement and control system. Material in dry vegetables, for example, vegetables, washing, segmentation, boiling water for blanching, quickly into the cold water cooling, drain after traying quick-frozen ( Also have dry indoor direct freezing) , wait for food temperature reached - 30 ℃ ~ 25 ℃, the type to pilot the lyophilizer. When met the requirement of the vacuum, heating, make the vegetables in the water directly sublimate to gas, after drying, should give pilot type drying chamber of the lyophilizer fully dry air or nitrogen, restore normal pressure after take out the products, packaging to avoid light place, time or nitrogen filled at the same time. Products may be in - 18 ℃ refrigerator storage, storage period of up to 10 years, room temperature storage also can be up to 2 years.

3, production-oriented lyophilizer is introduced:

with the development of the freeze-dried industry, freeze-drying technology matures, more and more manufacturers are aware of this emerging science and technology, increasing demand for the lyophilizer, requirements are higher. Traditional lyophilization function provided by lyophilization area already cannot satisfy the needs of the industry, in order to solve this problem, must use the promotion production freeze drier ( Manufacturing the lyophilizer) , also known as Fang Cang lyophilizer.

production-oriented lyophilizer has more freeze-dried area, ensure the user's freeze-dried demand; Lyophilized medium using silicone oil cooling, to ensure the stability of the temperature requirements, temperature; Freeze-dried produced by in situ precool, guarantee the freeze-dried convenience simple operation; Freeze-drying process can fully meet the led display screen or computer temperature curve, more intuitive understanding of the products change.

production-oriented lyophilizer features:

painted large production area;

u imported refrigeration compressor, reliable operation, long service life. Painted

cascade refrigeration technology, shorten the freeze drying time, import brand protection, reducing noise, large capacity, large water capacity, high quality guarantee high performance;

u touch screen LCD display, curve and data display drying process, a new PID control, convenient user changes according to the data for more information;

painted with observation window, intuitive drying process. Using in situ precool, realized from vacuum to dry completely automated, reduce drying process of complicated operation;

u frozen inside all 304 stainless steel, corrosion resistant easy to clean, durable;

u silicone oil freezing medium, error & le; 1 ℃, even drying effect; Painted

configuration charging valve, rechargeable dry inert gas; Painted

square shelf is out of shape not easily, easy to operate, easy to clean; Painted

drying chamber adopts high pervious to light colorless transparent organic glass door, in the operating process can be observed clearly the changing process of materials;

u optional temperature recorder. Adjustable temperature record point, real-time monitoring, increased security for your experience;

u optional eutectic point test device;

u optional automatic pressure device.
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