The lunar New Year holiday notice

by:CBFI     2020-10-18
Dear customer:

a: hello!

the Spring Festival will come, I wish you in the New Year healthy body, the business is thriving, and thank you in the past year for our support!

according to the State Council general office JiaRiBan lunar New Year holiday notice spirit, combined with the company's actual situation, to better carry out our service, now will be announced in 2017 the Spring Festival holiday time is as follows:

Spring Festival:

in January 2017 on 3 feb 22 solstice holiday paid leave, a total of 13 days. On February 4, 2017, normal work.

cause you the inconvenience locations, thank you for your long-term support for our work and trust. I wish you a happy holiday!

holiday orders telephone: 13661495136 Eva airways had scheduled another round-trip charter
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