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The low temperature cold water machine is introduced

Refers to a kind of low temperature cold water machine can provide constant current, constant voltage, below freezing temperature of cooling water an air-cooled industrial ice machine.

low temperature cold water machine working principle is to a certain amount of water into water tank, refrigeration system with low temperature cold water machine will water cooling, by the low temperature cold water machine will be frozen at low temperature of circulating water pumps water injection requires cooling equipment, chilled water equipment internal heat away, and then high temperature cooling of the hot water flow to the tank again.

is not the same in all walks of life, low temperature cold water machine water supply temperature is different also. So we need according to the actual needs of users, but also should pay attention to: the solution of the freezing point is related to the concentration of the solution, so must ensure that the preparation of solution concentration in the evaporator industrial ice machine is not frozen. So the actual use of cooling water temperature, should be higher than the freezing point solution 5 ~ 8 ℃.

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