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The low temperature cold water machine in the application of air separation equipment

Low temperature cold water machine in the application of air separation equipment, long period of air separation units is to ensure safe, stable and economic operation. Nitrogen precooling water system must be set up in the air separation equipment, used to reduce into molecular sieve adsorber, air temperature and water content and low temperature water chiller in nitrogen precooling system for refrigeration and balance play a very important role in the cooling capacity, low temperature cold water machine the normal use of and give full play to the efficiency of its operation and the safety of the cryogenic air separation comprehensive energy-saving efficiency plays a key role.

low temperature cold water machine to ensure the normal working of water flow is 98. 5 m3 / h and process control of 20 m3 / h are almost three times as much, so the refrigerating capacity of the large water from 20 m3 / h is not full amount out of the cold water chiller, problems in the operation of the low temperature cold water machine in excessive amount of cold, usually through the blowoff valve from the gutter, the waste energy, water and nitrogen precooling precooling system cold and need quantity, at present has not been applied.

amount of cold water chiller cooling system introduced by the circulating water system and water industrial ice machine system of two parts, the key is the water chiller evaporator blowoff valve with pipe connected to the condenser return pipe, constitutes the introduction of the cooling system of cold energy of water chiller unit; Implements the excess of frozen water back into the circulating water system. So that you can put the cold water chiller water system was introduced into circulating water system in precooling of circulating water. Will change water chiller evaporator water blowoff valve tube connected to the condenser return pipe, such excess of frozen water back into the loop water system, circulating water cooling fast, cooling effect is better, to ensure that the long period operation of the heat exchange equipment.
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