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The introduction of the cooler

Convenient for operation, intercooler should try to be more a compressor. After package thermal insulation barrels outside away from the wall not less than 200 mm. Intercooler should be set up automatic liquid level controller and the high level alarm. The normal liquid level can be stipulated in the factory level
high degree of control. Alarm level control in the barrel body height about two-thirds. Relief valve must be set intercooler ( Or automatic bypass valve
) , pressure gauge and level indicator.

oil separator oil separator should be used according to its structure and occasions and reasonable decorate. Compressor attached oil separator, installed in the engine room of horizontal condenser with a dedicated defrost, oil separator with hot ammonia
dry oil separator is set within the machine or equipment. Whoever does not take automatic oil return mechanism of oil separator should be located in the
. Dry oil separator shall be installed on the oil level indicator.
and vertical condenser with washing type oil separator in computer room, and well close to the condenser arrangement. Washing type oil separation of liquid into the mouth of
must be lower than the ling fluid outlet of condenser 250 mm. And oil separator, tube into the liquid from the condenser of produced liquid
pick up at the bottom of the tube.

condenser of various types of condenser shall be according to the technological process, and the oil separator, the installation of the receiver to decorate a condenser to the nearest high
degrees, must ensure that the liquid flow under gravity conditions within the receiver. The condenser shall be installed on the pressure gauge and Ann valve. Different type of
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