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The instructions on minus 30 degrees freezer

One, the product use and features:

addition of low temperature refrigerator is designed for industrial and mining enterprises to precool bearing, coil load is bigger, such as high temperature requirements of special purpose of air-conditioner. Summary:


1. This device and cooling system design is reasonable, fast cooling;

2. Microcomputer control, temperature control system of temperature test of digital display temperature control, temperature control precision is high. A buzzer alarm system, to guarantee the safety operation;

3. Multiple security protection, more reliable operation;

4. France tecumseh compressor imported, with high temperature protection, safe and reliable, low noise;

5. Three layer sealing, mold break hot layer, superfine glass wool insulation layer, heat preservation is better;

6. Large volume rate design; The large capacity bearing capacity design;

7. The multiple fault alarm ( Overtemperature alarm, alarm, high pressure alarm sensor, compressor overheat alarm) , ensure the safety of using fully;

8. Boot time delay protection;

9. All parts are safety grounding;

10. Header LED display, clear display the temperature and set temperature in the cabinet; Overtemperature alarm can be set and the temperature in the cabinet, has the fault prompt functions;

11. The refrigerator temperature control strap RD485 communication at the same time, has the function of communication and remote computer.

this device can be used for other articles needed in low temperature environment.

2, main technical performance:

use temperature: - 20℃~- 30 ℃

: accuracy of temperature control & plusmn; 5 ℃

temperature measuring sensitivity: 0. 1 ℃

capacity: 450 kg

the cooling time: 2 hours can be on-line temperature from room temperature to a - 30 ℃

lumen size: 1200 * 1100 * 700 ( mm)

the dimensions: 3190 * 1340 * 1080 ( mm)

power supply requirements: ac 380 v50hz25a

the machine power: 5700 w ( Including heating power 3 kw)

3, conditions of use

1, cryogenic refrigerator should be smooth place, prevent sun point-blank, left, right, back away from obstacles such as walls between distance should be not less than 30 cm.

2, can adapt to the environment temperature 0 ℃ ~ 35 ℃; Recommend working environment temperature 10 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, humidity is not more than 80% accordingly.

3, the working environment should be no corrosive and flammable, explosive gas in the air and harmful impurities, there should be no strong electromagnetic interference of the surrounding.

4, the cryogenic refrigerator should use independent power supply with ground wire.
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