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The influence of the phase inversion of chiller compressor

The turning of the three-phase motor is determined by the connection of the motor. If the power supply the corresponding position of the inverter, the turning of the motor will change. It is very harmful for most of the compressor. As a result of the reciprocating compressor oil mercury can be two-way rotation. Reciprocating compressor can be in any direction, but the spiral type water industrial ice machine, screw industrial ice machine and centrifugal chiller compressor in one direction only.

corresponding protector is a part of the industrial ice machine compressor control device, anything with a detached mercury compressor oil, such as centrifugal compressors, all does not start in the case of corresponding upside down, this is because the phase reversal after oil mercury to oil. Power company, the phase of the buildings within the current system or electric change certain building circuit phase are not uncommon. Is the best way to to anyone after the power supply system for maintenance of the buildings, property management department of the technical staff should pay special attention to whether the power phase change, phase meter is used to determine if there is a correct phase power supply. For technical personnel in shopping malls or industrial enterprise, it is a kind of portable testing tools.

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