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The influence of the concentration of the solution to the cold water machine

The concentration of the solution determines the absorption industrial ice machine ability to achieve its function and capacity. Dilute solution and the difference between the strong solution concentration, the greater the water industrial ice machine can absorb water in the evaporator at a lower pressure, to gain greater capacity. If the concentrated solution with high concentration, then the solution mineral salt precipitation will gradually. If appear this kind of situation, the concentrated solution will be partial or complete termination, refrigeration, eventually lead to the unit stop solution also can appear & other; Hardening & throughout; 。 In order to put these harder melting salt crystals, need to do a lot of maintenance work.

in general, the technical personnel to the unit as long as the lithium bromide modulation is roughly right. After the unit running at full capacity status step by step. Can load state by detecting the expiration of the total pressure at the ends of the evaporator temperature drop and the vapor to determine, normal pressure should be 12 - 14psig。 At full load operation time, technicians can draw a small amount of dilute solution and concentrated acid solution sample, using the hydrometer detection its proportion. Specific gravity is the ratio of some material weight and the existed water weight.

in some cases, technicians will it is difficult to obtain full every time we start running state, only under full load operation of the state, to make the adjustment unit to equilibrium.

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