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The influence of solution crystallization in the cold water machine

Absorption mechanism of cold water cooling system USES likely because they are too high concentration of salt water solution and shifts in mineral salts, this phenomenon is called crystallization. If the unit running status is not normal will appear this kind of situation. Because once appear such fault it is often difficult to eliminate, so manufacturers adopted various methods to avoid this situation. Manufacturer believes the key to solve the problem because of the heat exchanger at both ends of a certain pressure drop, its approach is to open the industrial ice machine line and a valve between the absorber fluid pipe, make very low concentration of dilute solution in a long enough period of time appear overly concentrated, will decrease the unit load do dilution operation.

there are many good reasons to result in solution crystallization, is one of the condenser cooling water temperature is too low, encountered in the process of full load operation of the power failure downtime is another major reason. Unit shutdown, normal solution generally run continuously after shutdown for a few minutes to dilute solution. If it is a power failure, the unit can't normal shutdown, is likely to appear the phenomenon of solution crystallization.

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