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The Importance of Salting Commercial Flake Ice Machines!

The Importance of Salting Commercial Flake Ice Machines!


The flake ice machine is a high-efficiency new ice-making unit developed for the requirements of ice for refrigeration, fresh-keeping and cooling operations. The unit adopts an integrated overall design and is suitable for a wide range of applications such as fishery food processing, meat food processing, supermarket logistics, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete cooling in construction projects, etc. It has the characteristics of forming agglomerate, simple and convenient use, energy saving and environmental protection, and it can make ice when it is connected to electricity. The flake ice machine is made of stainless steel and anti-corrosion alloy aluminum, with a service life of more than 10 years. The whole process is intelligently controlled, and no personnel operation is required.

Importance of salting commercial flake ice machines:

  1. Why add salt ice machine

    The flake ice machine is divided into fresh water flake ice machine and sea water flake ice machine according to the water source. But the fresh water ice flake machine also adds a certain proportion of salt water, which is far lower than the concentration of sea water. The purpose of adding salt is to make the borneol easier to form, improve the quality of the borneol, make the borneol more suitable size, be more visually pleasing, fall off more easily, protect the equipment, and consume less electricity. If no salt is added, the ice cap will have a chance to screech.

  2. How to add salt

    Press the start/stop button to start the Borneol machine, add salt according to the above-mentioned proportion of salt, then fill the brine bucket with brine and mix well, then pump the brine into the liquid pipeline of the brine bucket.

  3. Salt and precautions

    After adding the salt, observe the operation of the ice flake machine, the size of the ice flakes and the ice cubes. If the ice flakes produced by the ice maker are found to be relatively broken, the ice maker is accompanied by a screeching sound of ice being cut with an ice blade, indicating that salt water is not being added to the tank. A common problem is air in the inlet and outlet pipes, which affects the accuracy of the salt pump. At this time, the air should be out of the pipeline. The correct way is: the nozzle of the salt pump outlet pipeline inhales the air. Until you feel the salt water in your mouth, then watch the salt water pump for drips. If there are water droplets, this is normal. Then insert the brine pump outlet tube into the tank.

The principle of commercial flake ice machine:

The ice-making water of the flake ice machine needs to be salted, and the pump is automatically adjusted according to the amount of ice-making. The main body of the flake ice machine is divided into two cavity inner disks with a certain density of copper tubes. The technical term is called refrigeration.

The outer cavity is a very regular round stainless steel. The distance between a three-blade scraper and the inner wall can be adjusted by itself, generally 3 mm. There are several groups of evenly distributed copper nozzles above the ice blade. When the pump is turned on, the plunger pump passes through several filters. The brine is evenly sprayed into the surface of the inner cavity, and then the cooling surface of the outer cavity instantly forms an ice surface with a thickness of 3 mm. Under the action of the rotating ice blade, the newly made ice is broken into small pieces and falls into the storage room.