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The ice making mechanism is too slow mainly due to the following reasons

The ice making mechanism is too slow mainly due to the following reasons: 1. Insufficient refrigerant (this lack is not due to leakage or consumption); too much refrigerant, which will affect the ice making efficiency of the ice maker 2. Ambient temperature The best effect of an excessively high ice maker is of course the lower the environment, the better the ice making effect. So when the ambient temperature is too high, it will also affect its ice making efficiency. Generally, the ambient temperature is best controlled within 35 degrees Celsius. The working point of the Tube Ice Machine The Tube Ice Machine should be placed in a ventilated and easy to dissipate heat. If it is stuck in a corner, it will seriously affect the performance of the Tube Ice Machine. 1. The refrigerant pressure is too high or too low, resulting in compression The machine is not working properly.   4. There is gas or debris in the refrigerant pipeline, or the pipeline is deformed.   5. If the machine is air-cooled, it may be because the fan and electrical appliances are broken, and the rotation is relatively slow, so the heat dissipation effect is not good. As a result, the ice making slow for a long time may burn the compressor.
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