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The ice maker's ice requirements for different restaurants are as follows


  Commercial ice maker requires ice for different restaurants as follows:

  Chinese restaurant: Each seat requires about 0.5kg ice cubes;

  Western restaurant: Each seat is about 1kg ice cubes are required;

  Hotel guest rooms: each room requires 1kg ice cubes; pearl milk tea, bubble black tea, 1kg ice cubes can supply 7-8 cups;

  沙Ice and shaved ice can supply about 4 cups per kilogram.

   Knowing the above data, friends in the catering industry can make reasonable choices based on their own scale and forecast of turnover.

   Because the snowflake cbfi ice machine has more crushing ice structure than the cube ice maker, the price of the snowflake cbfi ice machine is higher than that of the cube ice maker for the same type of ice making machine.

  (Ice Spring Ice Machine)

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