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The ice maker manufacturer tells you what to pay attention to when choosing an ice maker

The ice machine products of the ice machine manufacturer have LCD digital display, which can be scheduled to switch on and off, the operating status is clear at a glance, the automatic fault identification display makes the ice machine run more smoothly, and there is an automatic shutdown function when the ice is full, according to the ambient temperature The ice making time is automatically confirmed, and the ice cubes are of the same size and thickness. The thickness of the ice cubes can be adjusted at will. The following professional ice maker manufacturers will tell you which points to pay attention to when choosing an ice maker?

One, focus on the compressor

Ice machine manufacturers remind you to pay attention to the compressor when purchasing an ice machine. There are two points. The first point is the operating efficiency and durability of the compressor. Choose a brand-name compressor to extend the compressor. The service life is because it is a cumbersome replacement of the core parts of the ice machine and the price is high. In addition, it is also necessary to care about the energy loss and heat dissipation of the compressor.

Two, insulation materials

Since the well-known domestic ice machine manufacturers need to consider the cost when manufacturing their products, different insulation materials will directly affect the cost of the ice machine, but the insulation material will directly determine the effect of the later ice making. The ice machine manufacturers recommend that you Choosing high-grade thermal insulation materials requires that the thermal insulation materials are healthy and environmentally friendly and do not cause pollution, but also require strong thermal insulation capabilities to ensure that the finished ice cubes will not melt for a long time.

3. Ice production

Generally, cbfi ice machine manufacturers recommend choosing a product with a larger amount of ice production, but if the demand for ice production is not strong or there is only intermittent demand, there is no need to pursue ice production too much, but the ice production volume will directly determine the work efficiency According to ice machine manufacturers, the amount of ice produced is generally not too much related to the quality of the ice machine, but it is generally related to functionality, that is, the greater the amount of ice produced, the more abundant the functions of the product.

In addition, the cbfi ice machine manufacturers remind you to pay attention to the product model and ice storage capacity. If the production conditions are more special, you need to pay attention to the rated voltage or frequency as appropriate, and then pay attention to the safety of the ice maker to see if it has any Over-voltage or over-current protection, complete self-protection settings can make it have a longer service life, and the protection against electric shock can also be safer.
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