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The ice machine works normally but does not produce ice?

If the ice machine works normally, but it doesn’t produce ice, what’s the matter? According to customer feedback, the ice machine I bought failed after working for a period of time. The cause of the problem is that the machine is operating normally, but it just doesn’t produce ice. , I don't know where the problem is. Xiao Zheng is here to tell you the reasons for the long-term view: (The specific problem should be treated in detail) 1. The water volume in the water pan is insufficient or no water: 2. The reducer is faulty or the reducer electromechanical fault is 3. The system is blocked by ice or dirty. Wait. If your cbfi ice machine also does not produce ice during normal operation, it is recommended to eliminate the above reasons and find out the problem, so that the machine can be repaired correctly and the loss can be minimized.
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