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The ice machine must be cleaned frequently


  The cbfi ice machine needs to be cleaned or disinfected in time. As a user of ice spring refrigeration, you must not ignore these important steps in order to save trouble.

   We can start with the cleaning operation. When the ice maker is at the end of the ice harvesting process, we let the ice cubes fall off the evaporation tray, push the switch to the 'stop' position; take out the refrigerator Then push the switch to the 'cleaning' position, ready to start the cleaning or disinfection process. Water starts to enter the sink gradually; the pump starts to run, and the water flows out from the shunt pipe. After the water flows through the evaporation pan, start to add an appropriate amount of cleaning agent to the sink; because the button has been pushed to the 'cleaning' position, the system The ice maker automatically completes the entire cleaning process and automatically rinses the machine; when the entire cleaning process is completed, the cbfi ice machine automatically enters the 'standby' mode, and at this time, push the function key to 'Ice Making' You can start ice making at the position.

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