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The ice machine manufacturer teaches you how to clean the ice machine

According to the understanding of ice machine manufacturers, today's ice machines are not only of various types, but also used in various places, such as supermarket-specific ice machines provided by supermarket ice machine manufacturers, and industrial ice machines provided by industrial ice machine manufacturers. Dedicated ice machine, etc. However, no matter which places the ice machine is used, the ice machine manufacturer believes that it should be cleaned in accordance with the following points:

1. The cleaning staff wear and prepare related supplies and understand related common sense

Domestic professional ice machine manufacturers suggest that when using ice machine cleaners and disinfectants, please wear rubber gloves and protective goggles, and it is recommended to wear a face shield. And the ice machine manufacturer reminds that cleaning agents and disinfectants must be prepared in advance. Cleaning and disinfection must be operated separately. Clean first and then disinfect. You cannot mix cleaning agents and disinfectants. At this time, the ice maker manufacturer also needs to remind that after adding the cleaning agent or disinfectant, the cleaning cannot be stopped artificially, otherwise there will be cleaning agent or disinfectant remaining in the machine.

2. Clean according to the correct cleaning procedure

The ice machine manufacturer believes that cleaning the ice machine can only be done after it stops working. When the ice harvesting process is over and the ice cubes fall off the evaporating tray, turn the function switch to the 'stop' position, then take out the ice cubes in the refrigerator, and then turn the switch to the 'cleaning' position to start the cleaning or disinfection process. Water began to pour into the sink. When the water pump starts, the water will flow out of the water distribution pipe, and after flowing through the evaporation pan, you can add an appropriate amount of cleaning agent to the water tank. At this time, the ice maker automatically completes the cleaning process and automatically rinses the machine. After the cleaning is completed, the cbfi ice machine enters a standby state. At this time, the ice maker manufacturer reminds that it needs to switch the function off to the 'ice making' position, and the ice maker starts to make ice.

To put it simply, domestic professional and reliable ice machine manufacturers believe that if users want to clean the ice machine correctly, they need to understand the relevant operating knowledge, wear relevant protective equipment, and operate in accordance with the correct cleaning procedures. In this way, the ice maker can be cleaned more thoroughly without affecting the ice maker.
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