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The harm of refrigerant

We commonly used refrigerants is up to the harm of human can be divided into two aspects, one is direct harm to personal and equipment. Immediate harm in industrial ice machine toxicity, flammability and explosive. In harm, freon industrial ice machine belong to pure sex, is the most prominent choking gas, when they increased the proportion of the air, the oxygen in the air reduced and is easy to cause difficulty in breathing, and even death. As well as chemical frostbite, freon industrial ice machine splashed on human skin, quickly vaporization heat, make the skin frostbite, at the same time accompanied by chemical burns. Physical explosion was bottled in transportation, storage and refrigeration system to adjust the improper operation, or in an airtight container in the state of full liquid temperature rise, will explode liquid. Second is damage to the environment, make the pollution indirectly harm to human beings. Global warming and the use of CFCS has certain relations, freon will damage the atmosphere. Now people have recommended cfc-free refrigerants such as R12 refrigerant to the destruction of the ozone layer is very big, many developed countries has been discontinued, and some of the developing countries will be in the future time stop.
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