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the gross germs hiding in ice cubes

Have you ever thought about how clean your ice is?
Source: News Limited you may not have considered too much ice to frost your drink.
Ice is a hot relief for sweat and dehydration.
This is the theme of summer songs such as \"baby ice\" in July 1990.
Why question ice when it\'s so good?
Until the beginning of 1800, when Frederick Tudor, the \"Ice King\", began his first
Forever ice empire, harvest blocks from Lake Varden.
But unless you like learning and history, you may be more concerned about bacteria, mold and human feces that pollute your cold drink.
From the early days of the Ice King, unfortunately, research has shown that these ice cubes are more than self-reliant dreams.
Huffington Post interviewed Dr Pritish Tosh, an infectious disease doctor and researcher at the Mayo Clinic, and Martin Bucknavage, senior food safety promotion assistant at the Department of Food Science at Penn State University, ask for clarification on what is lurking in your ice cube: 1.
Mold ice contamination is suggested by MOULDBucknavage, which may be the biggest cause.
Molds are often found in ice machine in local restaurants, but can also be grown in household freezers.
The low temperature of the freezer may make the mold more difficult to grow, but when the freezer is closed regularly or for a long time, the problem begins.
Restaurant owners should make sure to clean their machines several times a year, and Bucknavage advises homeowners to do the same: \"If your refrigerator [or]
The CBFI ice makerhas been shut down for a while and the CBFI ice makershould be cleaned regularly before use, \"he said.
\"For those who have a summer house, it could be a problem and the house has been closed for several months. . . .
People react after consuming a piece of mold from ice.
Knowing this, the average person should try to keep the ice machine clean.
Why take risks when regular cleaning can prevent problems from happening?
Clean machines produce clean ice.
Source: Supplier 2.
If you use the ice spoon without washing your hands and then put the spoon back on the ice, then these cubes may be contaminated with anything on your dirty gloves --
Or already on the scoop.
If you remove ice from the tray by hand without washing your hands, so does your home.
You may remember to wash your hands before meals, but do you remember to do this every time you pour drinks with ice?
Probably not, especially those late-night drinks.
Debra Hoffman, a microbiology at the University of South Florida, is 15-year-
The old boy died of contaminated ice that could have prevented washing his hands.
\"Most people don\'t realize that not washing their hands can lead to death.
\"They just don\'t see the risk,\" she said . \".
\"It smells bad to laugh.
It doesn\'t look fun.
These are microscopic, so you won\'t see it.
You won\'t know.
On 2007, the Chicago Sun found that nearly people in 49 restaurants and hotel bars in Chicago were contaminated with high levels of fecal coliform bacteria.
According to the summary reported by The Sun Times, \"most positive test samples came from ice
Garbage bins or other exposed sources used by waiters.
So take a shower and watch out for the ice scoops.
\"Like any other kitchen utensils, ice spoons need to be cleaned,\" Bucknavage said . \".
\"In the end, we don\'t want people to put their hands into the ice of the ice machine.
Since the hand may be a source of bacteria, clean spoons are always used.
Obviously, including the types found in feces.
Do not touch the ice tray with your hands.
Source: supplier 3.
A 2011 study of ice-making machines at Las Vegas food found that 33.
3% of the ice samples \"exceed the limits of the concentration of different bacteria set by the Environmental Protection Agency for drinking water\" and 72.
\"It is assumed that the presence of coliform bacteria is positive \".
\"Bucknavage also suggests that it is not uncommon for bacteria to accumulate in ice-making machines and that it may pollute the ice.
Nevertheless, a restaurant with a bacterial problem on ice may have a bacterial problem everywhere, which makes it inevitable.
While some agencies occasionally worry about the composition of the ice, Dr. Tosh said that the main problem is that if the ice is exposed to other food that is being supplied, it is threatened by cross-contamination, such as meat.
Only in very rare cases should you worry that ice water is dirty from the start.
If the restaurant\'s food treatment is generally poor, it could be a problem --
\"Ice is used as a ready-made thingto-
Eating food, like any kitchen utensils that come in direct contact with food, we have to treat ice makers the same way, \"Bucknavage said.
Prepare the ice. to-eat food.
Source: Although these contaminants may be disturbing, the average health risk of these dirty ice to the average immune system is quite small.
Dr. Tosh and Bucknavage have repeatedly stressed that the normal immune system can handle these pollution and that real trouble may arise when bad food handling practices occur in general.
Occasionally, deadly viruses can spread through ice, although this is rare.
Anyway, you should use it safely and avoid polluting your home\'s ice by cleaning your storage devices regularly.
When going out, it is often avoided that the cleanliness of the restaurant is poor, as it may also affect their ice.
You don\'t want someone to put their hands into your drink before drinking.
Why are you letting someone into your ice?
Keep people away from your ice!
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