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The future ice machine market


  Future ice machine market

  Note: Mr. Ke Ande, General Manager of Scottsman Ice System Co., Ltd. (reported from HC Net)

   HC Net: On the Road in Pudong The way of the industry, hello everyone, here is the Pudong Forum. Our guest for today’s dialogue is Mr. Ke Ande, general manager of Scottsman Ice System Co., Ltd. Hello, Mr. Ke.

   Ke Ande: Hello. I learned from your private communication that you are an American. It has been ten years since you came to China. What is your biggest feeling during the ten years in China?

   Ke Ander: Wow, it is not easy. I have always lived in Shanghai. The traffic in Shanghai has changed the most. This is the biggest feeling for me. Do you often get stuck on the road?

   Ke Ander: There are frequent traffic jams. Now you can take the subway to various places. We also know that the Scottsman ice-making system is the largest manufacturer in the world. For ice-making systems, what do you think of the local Chinese market?

  Kande: I think there is a big opportunity in the domestic market in China, because many companies abroad now have ice machines, but only about 4% of companies in China have ice machines. Now bars, hotels, and milk tea can have ice machines, and the market will get better and better. What is the main target customer targeted by the company? Is it facing the end customer or the distributor?

  Kande: Both, because we have distributors across the country In major cities, there are many hotel projects, the third is a chain store, so there are three channels.

  HC Network: After all the channels are opened, which one do you think is the biggest market now?

   Ke Ander: Now the chain channel is the largest, and the improvement will be faster. In the future The opportunity is in this part. More energy in the future to develop in this area?

   Ke Ande: Yes, and I believe that through our distributors, selling to chain stores, in Changsha, Hubei Wuhan also has their local chain stores, so we rely on our distributors in Wuhan and Changsha to sell them ice machines. When these distributors and terminal vendors are purchasing our products, which points do you think they pay the most attention to?

  Kande: I think what they value is quality, if The quality is good, they think it is an international brand, and they understand that our quality is good. They are willing to use a better price, because there are many different ice machine companies, they are domestically produced, if their quality is not good, they will buy another one after three or four years, or five or six years later, if In the short term, price is required, and in the long term, quality is required. Regarding quality, craftsmanship, and technology, manufacturers are particularly concerned about it. Professional talents are needed for research and development. How are our companies training such commercial talents? How to cultivate technology Talent?

   Ke Ander: Our advantage is that international companies have completely different technologies. What plans are there for the next step?

   Ke Ande: We just opened a new factory in March, so for us, we have to invest a lot of money and care about the Chinese market For our workers, we all need to care about them. We must have more good products to serve customers. After providing products, what is our service like?

   Ke Ande: The service is very good. On the one hand, there are more than 50 service providers across the country. If a problem is found, the dealer can provide service. We also have our own service network, so after-sales service is very important in places where ice machines are sold. I hope that more and more customers in the Chinese market will use our ice machine. I am also very happy to communicate with you today. thanks.

   Ke Ande: Why are we better than other brands? We should give them the opportunity to understand our technology, which will be better for their users. We have different aspects. In hospitals, hotels, or bars, we have different technologies. We have to tell them why we are the best. Thank you!

   (from the Internet)

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