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The function and temperature control principle of the temperature sensor of the snowflake ice maker


The role of the temperature sensor of the snowflake cbfi ice machine and the principle of temperature control

The cbfi ice machine is a refrigeration mechanical device that generates ice after water is cooled by the refrigeration system through an evaporator.

There are three temperature sensors in the snowflake cbfi ice machine, which are respectively set on the ice stirring mechanism, the condenser, and the ice bucket.

The temperature sensor on the ice stirring mechanism is used to sense whether the temperature is relatively low, even if the resistance of the transmission mechanism is too large, that is to say, when the temperature is relatively low, the water flow is blocked and the torque required by the ice stirring mechanism changes. The motor input current increases sharply. At this time, it is necessary to flush the ice, open the solenoid valve, and let the refrigerant of the compressor directly enter the ice-chucking mechanism, instead of entering the ice-chucking mechanism after passing through the condenser. This series of tasks are completed by The temperature sensor is used to detect and control the system.

The temperature sensor on the condenser works like this. When the temperature on the condenser is too high, the cooling effect produced by the fan motor is too late to cool down. At this time, the temperature sensor sensed by the temperature sensor is too high. A/D conversion, which converts the analog signal into a digital signal, judges through the program, issues instructions, and controls whether the relay of the compressor motor responds, and controls the working state of the compressor.

The function of the temperature sensor on the ice bucket is to control whether the ice cube reaches the height. When the ice cube reaches the height, the temperature sensor feels that when the temperature is relatively low, the temperature is generally set to 7 degrees. The analog-to-digital conversion is also performed through the A/D module, and the corresponding instructions are made through program judgment, and the instructions are issued, which control the on-off judgment of the entire system, and control the operation of the system.

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