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The freeze-drying equipment development prospect of fruit and vegetable

Fruits and vegetables, freeze-dried equipment usage is common fruits and vegetables, fruit and vegetable freeze drying machine, the lyophilizer fruit and vegetable vacuum freeze drier, fruits and vegetables at low temperature drying machine, etc. , is one of the more advanced low-temperature drying equipment, its potential market is huge, the following from the following:

a, process and technology

because the method avoids the traditional dehydration techniques of freezing and drying food change color, and wall, great lost of nutrition, after water some shortcomings, has to keep the original food shape, color, aroma, taste, nutrition is constant, good water complex, the advantages of light weight, low temperature storage. Therefore, freeze-dried food prices in the international market is hot air drying food 4 ~ 6 times, frozen food is 7 ~ 8 times. It in mountain climbing, navigation, exploration, military field and other special occasions, has an irreplaceable position, is a major food for astronauts in space.

2, the development of market economy,

with the sustainable development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standard, people more and more high to the requirement of food quality, especially in infants and young children quality demand for food and health food has increased dramatically. In addition, our country tourism, adventure, maritime career will have a bigger development, at the same time, the rapid rise of the upscale restaurants, people life rhythm speeding up, the growing demand for convenient ready-to-eat food. Therefore, the development of freeze-dried food has a broad international and domestic markets.

3, freeze-dried food demand surge

freeze-dried food in some developed industrial countries has reached a quite high level of popularity, the United States, Japan, the proportion of freeze-dried food has reached more than 40%. Consumer reports from relevant departments of statistics, at present, the United States each year 5 million t of freezing and drying food, Japan 1. 6 million t, 1. 5 million t of France, and other countries is also very significant. Japan's annual import freeze-dried food takes about 100 billion yen, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea to import freeze-dried food each year up to 50 billion yen. Japan, the United States and Europe each year about 6000 t freeze-drying garlic powder, such as the international market of freeze-dried food.

4, fruits and vegetables, the advantage of freeze-drying equipment manufacturers

focus on freeze-dried industry for more than ten years, has accumulated rich experience, can provide the fruit and vegetable freeze-drying production process of a complete set of solutions and supporting equipment, only in the former treatment increased the washing, peeling, antivirus, cooling, conveying and other automation machinery and equipment, can reduce the pretreatment of the traditional artificial manual work.

the advantage of a, in food research and development equipment

the sea developed suitable for food processing plants HFD series for the development of new products in situ small fruit and vegetable freeze-drying equipment ( Home alone a patented product) , type TF - HFD - 1 ( 0. 1 square) And TF - HFD - 4 ( 0. Four square) To choose from. Seiko small, not only has the function of in situ freeze-dried, get rid of the traditional artificial tedious operation, and with freeze-dried area of fruit and vegetable freeze-drying equipment, more affordable price. Is a rare research and development of new fruit and vegetable drying equipment.

one, the advantage of production in large quantities of freeze-dried equipment

besides small research and development equipment, our company also has a group of large standard freeze-dried production with fruits and vegetables, freeze-dried equipment, for different freeze-drying production requirements of the user to choose! Can also provide you with product selection consulting, and can undertake from the building layout, design, form a complete set, installation and debugging through-train service. Freeze-drying technology consulting services, can provide various products to order the above a series of equipment, can provide gratis freeze-drying technology of the two products.

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