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The freeze dryer drying process

Freeze drying machine process mainly divided into two stages, one is freezing stage, one is vacuum stage ( Also known as dry or sublimation stage) 。 Many people think the freezing temperature in the process of using the lyophilizer and vacuum drying stage is lower, the better, it's not.

the characteristics of each type of material is different, so the crystallization of their respective industry is different, the lyophilizer freezing stages of freezing temperature and water temperature is mainly determined based on the characteristics of material itself, is not the lower the better, the temperature is too low waste of energy consumption, second to extend the time of the material in a freeze drying machine.

drying stage: preliminary drying, drying, and secondary drying at a time. Each stage of application and can achieve the dry degree of mainly depends on the drying process.

predrying freeze drier refers to the first stage of the main removing free moisture dry;

freeze dryer a drying is refers to the main removing free moisture drying stage, a drying can only take place in a vacuum;

freeze drier secondary drying means to completely remove from the freeze drying in the solid phase of aggregation state of moisture contained in dry.

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