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The factors affecting energy consumption of industrial cold water machine

Industrial cold water machine is often used in large industrial equipment cooling, to maintain its normal work. Factors affecting energy consumption of industrial cold water machine, which affect the larger water system operation parameters: the water temperature of cooling water, cooling water flow and return water temperature of cooling water.
1, the cooling water outlet temperature rise, chiller COP value is monotone increasing. ( Note: the refrigeration industry is often used, is the coefficient of performance of the acronym, Chinese called performance coefficient, defined as
= refrigerating capacity (the COP Or heat) / energy ( Electricity, heat or fuel) )
2, to reduce the cooling water flow rate, lower heat transfer efficiency of the industrial ice machine condenser, cooling water temperature rise above the water, the impact on the chiller COP value is negative. Cooling water outlet temperature rise, means that industrial cold water machine the chiller condensing temperature and condensing pressure has increased, the industrial ice machine COP value will decline.

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