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20 Years of Exquisite Craftsmanship: The Evolution of CBFI Tube Ice Machines

Join us on a journey through the milestones of CBFI Tube Ice Machine innovations!

June 11, 2024

01.CBFI Tube Ice Machines - Patented Innovations

Over years of dedicated research and production, CBFI Tube Ice Machines have evolved to their fifth-generation model, backed by numerous core patents in the field.


These patents encompass revolutionary technologies such as hot gas ice harvesting and defrosting, advanced tube ice machine system designs, efficient ice cutting mechanisms, a proprietary solid-core tube ice system, and unique ice-cutting blades. Continuously driving industry innovation, CBFI delivers exceptional freezing solutions to clients worldwide.

02. CBFI Tube Ice Machines - R&D Journey

In its relentless pursuit of innovation, CBFI Refrigeration has consistently delved into enhancing the technology and performance of its Tube Ice Machines, striving to provide global customers with more stable, reliable, energy-efficient, and hygienic tube ice experiences.

Each technological leap forward represents not only a quest for excellence but also a commitment to environmental responsibility. While continually improving product efficiency, CBFI actively integrates low-carbon and eco-friendly concepts, such as adopting environmentally friendly refrigerants, optimizing heat recovery systems, and implementing resource recycling strategies during production. Let's trace back the journey of each ingenious upgrade in CBFI Tube Ice Machines.

【CBFI Tube Ice Machine Era 1.0 | 2004~2012】

·[2004] Developed the World's First Large-Scale Cube Ice Machine with a Daily Output of 3 Tons

CBFI embarked on a revolutionary path by successfully developing the world's first large-scale edible cube ice machine capable of producing 3 tons per day. This groundbreaking achievement addressed the challenge of scaling up cube ice production, introducing an unprecedented large-scale ice-making solution to the market and setting a robust technical foundation for the subsequent development of CBFI tube ice machines.

•[2008~2010] Official Ice Supplier for the Olympics & World Expo

As a strategic partner designated as the official edible ice supplier for both the Beijing Olympics and the Shanghai World Expo, CBFI demonstrated the reliability and superior quality of its equipment on the global stage. During this period, CBFI garnered significant international acclaim while fostering client brand trust. The successful execution of these major events also validated CBFI  capability to support large-scale ice supply projects.

•[2010] Launch of CBFI Tube Ice Machines

The introduction of CBFI tube ice machines, following the self-developed technology that achieved a daily output of 5 tons and passed national technical inspections, marked CBFI formal entry into the tube ice machine market. These machines swiftly expanded into markets in South America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, offering a broader range of options for catering and industrial projects across various scales.

•[2011-2012] Significant Upgrades to Tube Ice Machine Performance

With a focus on enhancing product performance and energy efficiency, CBFI implemented comprehensive upgrades to its tube ice machine systems. These improvements not only enhanced the stability of the equipment but also achieved substantial energy savings. By proactively responding to the market's demand for efficient and energy-saving equipment, CBFI not only reduced operating costs for clients but also increased the overall economic efficiency of their projects.

【CBFI Tube Ice Machine Era 2.0 | 2013~2014】

•[2013-2014] CBFI Tube Ice Machine 2.0 Upgrade

In the period from 2013 to 2014, CBFI introduced the upgraded Version 2.0 of its tube ice machines, boosting the daily production capacity per unit to a range of 10 to 15 tons. This advancement catered directly to the market's increasing demand for larger-scale ice production capabilities.

【CBFI Tube Ice Machine Era 3.0 | 2015-2018】

•[2015]: Launch of 20-Ton Daily Production Tube Ice Machine

CBFI successfully developed a single-unit tube ice machine capable of producing 20 tons per day, marking a significant leap in manufacturing capacity and catering to the heightened demands of the higher-end market segments.

•[2016]: Introduction of 30-Ton Daily Production Tube Ice Machine

The unveiling of the 30-ton daily production model further expanded CBFI  influence in the realm of super-large scale ice production. Its successful deployment within the largest edible ice enterprise in a specific country validated CBFI  technological capabilities and solution provision expertise in the elite market tier.

•[2017]: Development of 50-Ton Freon-Based Super-Sized Tube Ice Machine

With the development of a 50-ton Freon-based super-sized tube ice machine, CBFI not only achieved new technological advancements but also widened the scope of environmentally friendly refrigeration practices.

•[2018]: Release of 60-Ton Ammonia System Super-Sized Tube Ice Machine

The introduction of the 60-ton ammonia system super-sized tube ice machine once again raised the bar for CBFI in terms of both environmental protection and high-efficiency cooling, fulfilling the market's growing demand for sustainable solutions.

【CBFI Tube Ice Machine Era 4.0 | 2019-2022】

•[2019]: Introduction of Solid Core Tube Ice Machine

Marking the dawn of the CBFI Tube Ice Machine Era 4.0, the development of the solid core tube ice machine was a game-changer, producing ice blocks with enhanced melting resistance. This innovation not only satisfied fundamental cooling requirements but also elevated ice quality to a new echelon.

•[2020]: Launch of Flat-Cut Solid Core Tube Ice Machine

The unveiling of the flat-cut solid core tube ice machine underlined CBFI meticulous attention to aesthetics and quality in the high-end market. These machines produced visually appealing, transparent, and evenly cut ice blocks that were not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly resistant to melting, catering to the refined demands of premium clientele.

【CBFI Tube Ice Machine Era 5.0 | 2023-2024】

•[2023]: Introduction of Large Integrated Tube Ice Machine

In the evolution of CBFI Tube Ice Machine Era 5.0, a large integrated design is unveiled, featuring high levels of integration and a compact footprint. This innovation provides an ideal solution for projects with limited factory space, enhancing customers' investment returns.

•[2023-2024]: Development of 100-Ton-per-Day Ammonia System Ultra-Large Tube Ice Machine

The development of a single-unit, 100-ton-per-day ammonia system ultra-large tube ice machine signifies a new pinnacle in CBFI super-large scale ice-making technology. Its success in sales across multiple countries further attests to CBFI project service capabilities and global reach.

Looking ahead, CBFI remains committed to striking a better balance between technological innovation, environmental sustainability, smart automation, and customer experience. This dedication aims to empower clients to create value more efficiently and effectively, as CBFI continues to pioneer advancements in the realm of refrigeration technology.

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