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The effects of low temperature refrigeration compressor

Refrigeration compressor is the core of the cryogenic refrigerator parts, the cost of a large proportion of the cost of cryogenic refrigerator. So the choice of the refrigeration compressor is reasonable, for the low temperature refrigerator efficiency, manufacturing cost and operation adjustment flexibility has great influence. The selection of the refrigeration compressor has the following principles:

(1) compressor working conditions, can't exceed compressor using conditions of the factory.

(2) choosing piston compressor, when the condensing pressure and the ratio of the evaporating pressure is less than or equal to 8, should be in the form of single stage compressor; When the condensing pressure and the ratio of the evaporating pressure is greater than 8 should adopt two-stage compressor type.

3. Compressor selection to meet the requirements of low temperature refrigerator production peak cooling load, load were selected according to the evaporation temperature of the machine, in order to meet the mechanical load requirements of different evaporation temperature refrigeration equipment.

(4) compressor with energy control device, can adjust for stand-alone refrigerating capacity was substantial. But is only applicable to load fluctuations in the operation of the adjustment, adjustment should not be used as a seasonal load changes.

5. Single machine capacity and the determination of the Numbers should be to choose according to the principle of good for energy saving.

6 different evaporation system with compressor, alternative between each system should be considered, as far as possible the same series of compressors, easy to control, management and spare parts swap, a low temperature refrigerator compressor selected series should not be more than two, such as when only two machines should choose the same series.

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