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The direct cooling block ice machine has a long freezing time and how to solve the slow freezing

Six reasons why the freezing speed of the direct cooling block Tube Ice Machine slows down. 1. The evaporator has scale formation, oil stains may accumulate too much dust, and the cold transmission results are affected. If equipped and not used, the water volume does not include. Poor equipment and application conditions result in poor performance of the evaporator's cold transmission. The evaporator has been swept away and the dust is too thick, and its cold transmission compliance will also be impressive. 2. The direct cooling block Tube Ice Machine may have poor sealing performance due to thermal insulation results, resulting in cold energy consumption. Poor cold insulation performance is due to insufficient insulation thickness of pipes and evaporator plates, and poor cold insulation and insulation performance. It is important if the manufacturer The improper selection of the thickness of the insulation layer in the design may be caused by the production process. Among them, during the installation and application process, the thermal insulation and moisture-proof performance of the thermal insulation material may be damaged, causing the insulation layer to be damp, deformed, and rot. Its cold insulation and thermal insulation are only effective, and the direct cold block ice machine has poor freezing results. It is equipped with poor thermal insulation and sealing performance, and more cold atmosphere invades the equipment from the leak. If the abnormality will appear but contain phenomenon around the equipment insulation, then analyze that the seal is not careful. 3. There is more atmosphere in the evaporator of the direct cooling block ice machine, perhaps freezing oil, and the result of cold transmission is reached. Once more freezing oil is attached to the middle view of the cold transmission tube of the evaporator, the cold exchange coefficient will be reduced. Similarly, if there is more atmosphere in the cold transmission pipe, the cold exchange area of u200bu200bthe evaporator will be reduced, and the cold transmission compliance will also be affected, and the freezing effect will be slowed down. Therefore, in the same operation and maintenance, we should pay attention to eliminating the medium oil pollution in the evaporator cold transmission pipe in time to improve the compliance of the evaporator cold transmission. 4. Improper adjustment of the throttle valve may be obstructed, and the flow of chilling agent may be too large or too small. Improper adjustment of the throttle valve may be obstructed, which will directly affect the flow of chilling agent into the evaporator. When the throttle valve is opened for a long time, the flow rate of the chilling agent is exactly the same, the evaporation pressure and the evaporation temperature will also fall, and the freezing speed of the direct cold block Tube Ice Machine will slow down; at the same time, when the throttle valve is opened for When there is a small obstruction, the flow of chilling agent will also decrease, and the chilling capacity of the system will also decrease, and the freezing speed will also slow down. Abnormalities can be estimated by observing the evaporation pressure, evaporation temperature and frosting of the suction pipe to infer whether the flow rate of the throttle chiller is consistent. Throttle valve obstruction is the primary factor that affects the flow of chilling agent. The primary cause of throttle valve obstruction is Fifth, ice blockage and net blockage. The ice blockage is due to the poor drying results of the dryer. The chilling agent contains water. When it flows through the throttle valve, the temperature drops below 0°C. The water in the chilling agent freezes and blocks the throttle valve hole; net The blockage is caused by the accumulation of a lot of net material on the inlet filter of the throttle valve, and the flow of cold-forming agent is not smooth, which constitutes an obstruction. 6. Compressor compliance is low, and the cooling capacity cannot be as strong as the ice making load. The compressor is running quickly and wears quickly. The gap between the compression equipment increases, the sealing performance will respond to the impact, and the air delivery coefficient of the compressor will also decrease. The amount of cold will decrease. When the amount of cold production is less than the load of creating extreme cold, the ice production will be guided to comply with the goal. The cooling capacity of the compressor can be roughly estimated by observing the suction and discharge pressure of the compressor. If the chilling of the compressor is just enough, the method often used is to change the cylinder liner and piston ring of the compressor. If the change is still not effective, you should consider the effects of this aspect, so that the machine can be disassembled and reviewed to eliminate the deviation results. White. 7. Insufficient amount of refrigerant in the system and insufficient refrigeration capacity. There are two main reasons for the circulation of cold-forming agent. The first is that the charging amount of cold-forming agent is not available. At this time, you only need to make up the amount of cold-making agent. It's okay. Another consequence is that the system cold-forming agent contains a lot of penetration. In such cases, you should first find the leaks, and focus on checking the connections of the pipes and valves. Cold medicine.
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