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The difference between the freeze-dried food and traditional dehydrated food

Dehydration is for one thousand - year - old way of food preservation, dehydrated food include dried food, dried food, dried food, dried foods, etc. From the ancient to dry, to today's drying equipment, freeze-drying machine, no matter adopt what kind of food preservation, moisture is to remove the food inside. Explained below traditional dehydrated food and where the concrete difference of freeze-dried food preservation: a, water

food preservation's main goal is to remove moisture, food will not so bad and long mold. Traditional dehydration method can remove 90 - 95% of moisture content, and function of freeze-dried removal of 98099% water. Dehydrated food at your home usually leave 10% humidity, but professional dehydration thoroughly, hence longer shelf life.
2, shelf life
the moisture removal rate directly affect the shelf life. The traditional dehydrated food such as dried fruit, vegetables and powder shelf life is about 15 20 years; Honey, sugar, salt, wheat, and oats and other traditional dehydrated food shelf life can be extended to more than 30 years. On the other hand, freeze-dried food shelf life is longer, can save 25 - such as dried fruit and vegetables For 30 years.
3, nutrients
in accordance with the relevant health authorities report, freeze-dried retained most of the vitamins and minerals. But compared with fresh fruits and vegetables, freeze-dried food lack of some vitamins, such as decomposition faster vitamin C, etc. Dehydration will not change the food fiber or iron. However, dehydration decomposition in the process of keeping fresh vitamins and minerals, so the nutritional value than freeze-dried food. Dehydration can cause vitamin A and C, niacin, thiamin and riboflavin.

four, appearance and structure of dehydration and drying food is one of the main difference between appearance. Traditional dehydrated food will become fragile harden, immediately become soft and freeze-dried food into the mouth. Weight is a different place. The weight of the freeze-dried food than conventional light a lot of dehydrated food. Five, price

in general, traditional dehydrated food is much cheaper than freeze-dried food. Advantages and disadvantages of each freeze-dried food and traditional food dehydration if the budget is tight, traditional dehydrated food, apparently, is a better choice.

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