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The difference between the cordyceps freeze-dried and dried

Cordyceps sinensis lyophilization is through the lyophilizer in cryogenic vacuum environment, for fresh Chinese caterpillar fungus moisture inside sublimation, freeze-dried cordyceps sinensis is obtained. And dried cordyceps sinensis is under natural conditions, the use of sunlight temperature moisture evaporate fresh cordyceps sinensis. Is an emerging science and technology, a kind of representing the traditional drying process, that is the difference between cordyceps sinensis freeze-dried and dried cordyceps? Specific have the following:

a, environmental impact,

dried cordyceps environmental impact is bigger, in rainy days, might easily be levied, easily lead to each batch of Chinese caterpillar fungus and dry quality not consistent; Freeze-dried cordyceps sinensis is the use of freeze drying, the lyophilizer is not affected by the weather changes, each batch freeze-dried effect.

2, temperature

dried cordyceps sinensis is a high temperature drying, leads to some nutrients, cordyceps sinensis internal heat sensitive material easy to loss; Freeze-drying is low temperature drying, can retain its nutrition, active ingredients of the great degree.

3, shape, size effect

dried cordyceps easy shrivel, smaller; After lyophilization cordyceps sinensis because is to use the sublimation of the physical principle of freeze-dried only dropped the moisture content inside sublimation, so after lyophilization cordyceps shape is almost the same size.

4, color effects

dried cordyceps color changes; Freeze-dried cordyceps colors remain the same ( Here to see a Chinese caterpillar fungus lyophilizer equipment quality problems, I want to watch set freeze-dried cordyceps freeze-dried process problems. In addition to our patented products - - Cordyceps sinensis lyophilizer, can provide and senior research and development of cordyceps sinensis, freeze-drying process, to ensure the effect of the freeze-dried ( This is out of reach for other freeze-dried vendors would) ) 。
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