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The difference between the centrifugal chiller and traditional cold water machine

With the traditional centrifugal chiller cold water machine ( industrial ice machine, screw chiller) The difference between the main refrigeration compressor, the refrigerating capacity of the centrifugal chiller is bigger. Below in centrifugal water chillers, for example, to describe the centrifugal chillers.

1, microcomputer controller,

centrifugal water chillers, equipped with advanced microcomputer controller with double CPU core components, have run 1 k words only 0 program. 25 ms operation speed, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit.

2, man-machine interface
touch screen with storage space and has high response speed, users can real-time control unit complete running state. Intuitive interface, can be carried out in both Chinese and English language choice, simply click on the picture is for the unit operation and setting.

3, PID control function

microcomputer controller USES the advanced PID control function, according to the cold water temperature and target temperature of the whole value automatically adjust the load, water temperature in the shortest possible time to demand, and water temperature stability in the target temperature and 0. Within 2 ℃.

4, unit protection function

for the client to supply units of power supply for overvoltage, undervoltage, three-phase imbalance, owe the reverse protection. And more than 30 crew protection function.

5, multiple function of the surge

unit has advanced multiple multiple the surge function, adopt the way of combination of prevention, control, alarm, satisfies the unit within the scope of the safe operation of the refrigerating capacity customer demand.

( 1) Prevention & ndash; — Based on the precise calculation of surge curve, when approaching surge curve of the equipment operation, the unit automatically adjust state.

( 2) Control & ndash; — When detected in surge adjust unit operation state, effective control the surge occurred.

( 3) Alarm & ndash; — If a unit surge for a while, will remind customers in alarm way, and stop action.

6, the reserved user connections (
1) For users to set aside the cooling tower fan, cooling water pump, frozen water pump control points, the fan and water pump is controlled by a unit, optimize the structure of the user's system.

( 2) With alarm output unit reserve and used for the remote alarm display.

( 3) Reserve has central monitoring points ( RS - 485 interface) , the unit can seamless connection to the building monitoring system.

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