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The difference between air-cooled and water-cooled condensers of pellet ice machines

According to the current sales market of pellet ice machines, the main condensers produced are air-cooled and water-cooled, but which specifications are better? The specific technology of ice spring ice machines will help us analyze this problem. Water cooling is mainly based on radiators, water pipes, water pumps, and enough water resources. Most water cooling systems are large in size and require enough space in the case. The heat dissipation effect of water cooling is much higher than that of air cooling system. Advantages of water cooling: 1: Good cooling effect, relatively low input cost. 2: The condensing temperature is low, and the cooling effect is good. 3: Waterway and water supply system need to be installed. Air cooling generally increases the surface area of u200bu200bthe object to be cooled and speeds up the rate of air flowing through the object per unit time. The condensation temperature cannot be higher than the ambient temperature by 7-12 degrees Celsius. The higher the condensation temperature, the lower the cooling effect of the refrigeration unit, so the temperature difference needs to be controlled. If the temperature difference of heat exchange is smaller, the heat exchange area and circulating air volume of the air-cooled condenser are larger, which will increase the cost. Advantages of air-cooled condensers: 1: Suitable for areas with severe water shortages. 2: The operation is convenient and convenient, and it can be put into use immediately after turning on the power. 3: No water resources are needed, and the cost is low.
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