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The development trend of Bingquan refrigeration equipment survey instrument industry


With the continuous improvement of the policy environment and the rapid development of strategic emerging industries, the rapid growth of the domestic market, the emergence of new growth points, and the further expansion of application fields provide a broad space and a solid foundation for the development of my country’s electronic equipment and instrument industry. Policy Support. However, the uncertainty of the economic situation and the increasing difficulty in the promotion and application of domestic equipment and instruments have also made the development of the industry face greater challenges.

Changshu Bingquan Ice Maker Equipment Co., Ltd. recently investigated the development of the instrument industry. The production and sales of the instrument industry fell by 12.8% and 14.1% year-on-year, accounting for more than one-third of the industry. Due to the weak demand for industrial automatic control devices, the growth rate in the first half of the year was 3 to 4 percentage points lower than the industry average. The profit of the industry at the beginning of the year increased by -14% year-on-year, which was lower than the -13.7% in January-February 2012, which can be called the low point of this century. Data shows that my country's instrumentation industry is showing a rapid and healthy development trend. In accordance with the measures of major instrument companies around the world, it is not difficult for us to invent digital, intelligent, and collection instrument products that will become the mainstream of the market. In addition to the further advancement of products, engineering and style integration skills, software deployment, operation and maintenance services, etc. will become new growth points in the industry.

my country is one of the countries with the largest scale of the instrumentation industry, and a country with the largest scale of the instrumentation industry and the largest variety of products in developing countries. However, it should also be noted that there is a significant gap between my country's instrumentation industry and foreign products. Domestic products still need to be further increased in terms of stability and reliability, insufficient independent innovation capabilities, low concentration, irrational corporate structure, innovative development, and optimization. Structure is the solution to these problems.

The National 'Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan for Instrumentation Industry' has pointed out the direction for the development of domestic instrumentation. First of all, the industry should target the Chinese product market and vigorously strengthen the design, manufacturing and quality inspection capabilities , So that the stability and reliability of domestic products have been greatly improved, and the previous development strategy of focusing on low-end products and relying on low prices for competition should be abandoned. Secondly, the country’s macroeconomic situation should be combined with the country’s major projects and strategic emerging development strategies. Industry, expand the service field of the industry from facing traditional fields to facing multiple emerging fields. Third, we must vigorously promote the adjustment of corporate structure, strive to build and form a number of competitive backbone enterprises, and maintain the continuous accumulation of core technologies. Form a mechanism for the sustainable development of the industry.

Electrical measuring instrumentation

After decades of development, the electrician measuring instrumentation industry has formed a certain production scale and capacity, the products have reached a certain level, and bulk products can basically meet The domestic market demand, its market share is above 95%. During the Tenth Five-Year Plan, the market has increased demand for high-overload, long-life, electronic and digital products, and at the same time requires product standardization, serialization, generalization, and a good price-performance ratio. Among them, the demand for induction watt-hour meters will gradually transition to watt-hour meters with a long life span of 25 to 30 years and an overload capacity of more than 6 times. The demand for electronic watt-hour meters will also increase further. At the same time, the use of a centralized automatic meter reading system to implement remote meter reading for each user is a development trend. In 2003, the sales of domestic electrician measuring instrument enterprises reached 11.566 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of 35.9%; in 2003, the import value of electrical measuring instruments and meters reached 215 million US dollars, with an annual growth rate of 40.1%. In the next 3 to 5 years, electrician measuring instruments The market demand for instrument products will continue to grow, and the annual demand for electrical instruments and meters will exceed 60 million sets (sets).

In recent years, companies in the automation instrument industry have continuously increased their investment in informatization, building informatization hardware platforms, and purchasing informatization equipment. The industry already has a relatively solid foundation for informatization hardware. At present, many companies have purchased ERP software, unified the codes of customers, raw materials, products, financial subjects, etc., applied financial, supply chain, inventory management and other modules, and on this basis combined the characteristics of the company and the product itself to extend the production process. But as a whole, the information management of industry enterprises is mostly concentrated in the aspects of procurement, sales, finance, and warehouse, and the level of management information is relatively high.

Innovative development of the instrument industry

The instrument industry is an industry closely linked to technology. Innovation should keep up with the pace of the times, pay close attention to the current situation and general trends of technological development, and focus on new technologies. Have a keen insight and take the path of innovation that adapts to the development trend of science and technology. Innovation is the crystallization of human thought. If you want to innovate, relevant talents are indispensable. Companies should increase the intensity of the cultivation of innovative talents, and strengthen employees’ innovative awareness and skills through personnel training and other measures. In addition, they can also introduce a group of innovative talents from the outside world and use these talents to lead the advancement of their original employees. , To promote the innovation and development of enterprises, innovation can bring long-term benefits, but its characteristics such as large initial investment, long Ru0026D cycle, and high risk make enterprises unable to truly focus on innovation, leading to obvious follow-up phenomenon, high similarity rate, and competitiveness among enterprises Significantly weakened. Only by taking innovation as the company's belief and pursuit based on a long-term perspective, can innovation truly moisturize the company's land.

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