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The development prospects of the ice machine industry

In the catering industry, with the integration of Chinese and Western cultures, edible ice cubes have been widely used in hotels, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues. The survey shows that general high-end hotels, high-end restaurants, hotels, KTV, entertainment venues and other high-consumption commercial places are equipped with ice machines. With the gradual expansion of the ice market in China, ice machines are increasingly being valued by all walks of life. Various ice cubes produced by ice machines have been widely used. There are also some bars and KTVs that buy ice in bags, all of which come from ice factories. Statistics show that there are about a thousand ice factories in my country, and these ice factories will buy large ice machines. It can be seen that the market demand for ice machines in the catering market is not saturated. Ice makers are mainly divided into commercial ice makers and industrial ice makers according to their uses. Commercial ice machines are mainly used in supermarkets and catering industries. Industrial ice is mainly divided into food processing, ocean fishing, biological experiments, medical freezing and entertainment and other related industries. Especially in midsummer, supermarkets must be equipped with ice machines in order to keep seafood and aquatic products fresh. Supermarkets use at least 5,000 catties of ice every day, so they must be equipped with ice machines. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics in March 2010, there were about 41,000 large supermarkets in China. Market analysts estimate that commercial supermarkets demand more than 41,000 ice machines. In order to ensure the quality of the catch, the fishery industry must use ice to cool down. Generally, fishing boats are equipped with ice machines. According to industry professionals, the methods of preservation on ships can generally be divided into ice storage, cold sea water preservation, salt storage, slight freezing, Freeze etc. Among them, coastal and offshore trawlers mainly use ice storage at around 0℃ to keep fresh: small and medium-sized purse seiners mainly use cold sea water at around -1℃ to keep fresh, and trawlers or fishing base ships far away from the fishing port adopt flat-plate freezing; Tunnel blowing freezing, pipe rack blowing freezing, suspended freezing, or continuous freezing device for low-temperature freezing, the freezing temperature can be low-temperature freezing -50~-55℃ The freshness of frozen fish can be eaten raw . There are also some fishing boats using light salt for low-temperature preservation, or micro-frozen preservation at about -3°C. my country's sea area is vast, with a total sea area of u200bu200b472.7 square kilometers, and about 300,000 coastal fishing boats. Market analysis indicates that the market prospects for ice making machines for fishing is very promising. Medical ice mainly includes two types: medical ice and ice for scientific research, teaching and experiment. Medical ice machines are generally sold to large hospitals, scientific research units, and distributors. The distributors are mainly responsible for community health service centers and township hospitals. Market analysts said that the application of ice machines in hospitals and scientific research institutions will be on the rise as the market develops. The application of ice machines is so extensive, the prospects of ice machines are naturally very impressive.
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