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The development of vascular refrigerating machine

Mechanism of cold water cold pattern varied, here introduces a kind of extreme cooling mode, the development of the vascular chiller

initial vascular chiller is Gifford and Long - by the United States Sworth invented in 1963. They use a gas for periodic pressure oscillation in the thin-walled tube produced by the invented the vascular refrigerator refrigeration effect. Their vascular refrigerating machine by the storage tanks, pulse tube and a heat exchanger, the refrigerating machine became known as basic vascular refrigerating machine. They initially with GM type compressor switch valve to provide periodic pressure oscillation, but switching valve will cause larger resistance losses, so in 1967, they use to direct drive valve compressor refrigerator, this is the reversible pulse tube cryocooler. A large part of the solution can be recycled compression work, improve the refrigeration efficiency. Because of the limitation of refrigeration mechanism itself basic vascular industrial ice machine and efficiency is far from being the lowest refrigeration temperature and compared with the low temperature refrigerator existing at the time, so for quite a long time no attention.

in 1984, the former Soviet union scholar Mikulin proposed later called the pass of the small vessels such as refrigerator, vascular refrigerator hot side heat exchanger of the scheme in the basic set up a throttling hole, before and after the heat exchanger to connect a relatively large volume of gas, this improvement greatly increase the refrigeration capacity, Mikulin with air and helium as refrigerating agent, respectively to obtain the lowest refrigeration temperature of 105 k and 64 k. Then the United States and Chinese scholars on the basis of the above plan conducted a series of research and improvement. The emergence of small groove vascular chiller may make it practical, but its efficiency and the lowest refrigeration temperature compared with other machine there is still a large gap.

in 1990, xi 'an jiaotong university Zhu Shaowei double inlet type pulse tube refrigerator process are presented, such as using gas distributor directly to a stream of air from the compressor outlet connected to the hot end of pulse tube, the scheme has been proved in the low temperature center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, to obtain the lowest refrigeration temperature of 42 k.
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