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The development of the refrigerant

The development of refrigerants on behalf of the progress of the cold water machine, more show the direction of the refrigeration industry.

ethanol is the earliest use of refrigerants, it is flammable, explosive, standard boiling point is 34. 5° 。 With ethanol for making low temperature, evaporating pressure below atmospheric pressure, air and refrigeration system caused by explosion, fire and explosion problem is a barrier to its use. In 1866, he proposed using co as refrigerants. In 1870, Carl, linde made a contribution to use nh refrigerants, because nh has good thermal physical properties and rich source, since then has been widely used in the large refrigerator. In 1874, raoul, pickett adopting so as industrial ice machine. In history as refrigerant, the standard boiling point as so important 10° As important history has 60 used as industrial ice machine, due to its toxic and corrosive and then gradually become obsolete. The characteristics of Co in the use of particularly high temperature range pressure, when the machine is very heavy, but the advantage is the use of safe, environmental protection, non-toxic, once as a refrigerant in the Marine refrigeration unit, after replaced by freon, in recent years, due to the environmental protection of the drive, and the application research of Co in refrigerator.

freon, ( The United States dupont growth long-term use of trademark name) Is fluorine, chlorine, biological chain saturated hydrocarbons. It has been known in the late 18th century, the chemical composition of this kind of compounds, but used as a refrigerant is Thomas, m jerry - 1929 First mentioned in 19330. Many different kinds of freon refrigerant, the thermodynamic properties are quite different between them, able to meet the requirements of different cooling temperature and capacity. On the physical and chemical properties, freon is non-toxic, no explosion danger, no corrosive action on metals, and the advantages of good thermal stability and chemical stability, so get rapid popularization, the application of refrigeration industry has brought the revolutionary progress. But, in 1974, the United States at the university of California professor molina and Roland first pointed out that the chlorine atoms in halogenated diameter can destroy the atmospheric ozone layer. 、
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