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The development of the lyophilizer

The development of the lyophilizer, by using the principle of dewater sublimation as early as the early 19th century scholars put forward.

in 1909, Shackell his freeze-dried experiment report was released. Equipment used is very original vacuum pump, the use of salt and ice in cold media, do desiccant with sulfuric acid. The freeze-dried products are complement, antiserum, the rabies virus. In biological products research and development of freeze-drying technology created a new era.

in 1935, the first business with freeze-drying machine. Flosdorf and Greaves, perfect freeze-dried instrument and equipment are developed respectively, make the freeze-dried biological technology from the laboratory to the industrialized mass production. Refrigeration technology + vacuum technology

Lyophile method: using cold trap to capture sublimated vapor

Cryochem method: using calcium sulphate to capture such cheap SAP sublimated vapor

Desivac method: use sublimation pump suction as well as water vapor

in 1940, the mass production of lyophilized human plasma and penicillin, world war ii application of freeze-drying technology in medicine has played a huge role in promoting. After the war, freeze drying and quickly spread to all kinds of vaccines, medicines, etc. Until now, freeze-drying technology are still widely used in the field of pharmaceutical production.

the system study of freeze drying food begins in the '50 s. In the '60 s, the world freeze-dried foods have a rapid development. America, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and other countries have built up his own freeze-dried food factories. At that time, appeared in Europe and the United States all the freeze-dried foods on the market, coffee in the most successful, and in Japan, freeze-dried noodles account for half of it of the instant noodles market, and become the impetus of freeze-drying technology application.

70 s ~ 90 s, FD fruit products ( Strawberry, melon) ; FD meat products ( Curry beef, assorted m board) ; FD spices ( Instant noodles, tea) ;

worldwide, synthetic food, vegetables, shrimp, Fried, pate, tricholoma matsutake, fish, shellfish, meat processing industry began to widely use the freeze-drying technology.

in the 90 s, microbial lyophilized preservation; Manufacturing ultrafine particles ( Nm) 。

100 square lyophilizer

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