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The development history of tube ice machine

The development history of tube ice machine


In 1748 Professor William Coulomb demonstrated the principle of artificial refrigeration in the laboratory of the University of Glasgow in Scotland. In 1850, Florida physicist John Gree showed the first ice machine at his private party. It marks the industrialization of artificial ice making. In 1929, Jüergen Hans, a professor of physics at the Technical University of Aachen (RWTHAachen) in Germany, invented the world's first tube ice machine in Cologne. In 1932, Külinda Company was established in Frankfurt to provide customized ice machine services for European royal families and top catering facilities. It marks the commercialization of artificial ice making. In 1950, A.P. Ferguson, the second son of Jüergen Hans, the founder of Collind, applied for a patent for a tube ice machine in the United States (2496155) and established Collind (USA) Company. The following year changed its name to Focusun (Ferguson) refrigerationCorp. In 1986, Shanghai Aquatic Products Company purchased China's first tube ice machine for food preservation.

CBFI tube ice machine R&D history and certificates

1. Started tube ice maker machine production in 2011.

2. In 2015, 20 tons Freon tube ice machine was successfully developed
3. In 2019, Large Ammonia Tube Ice Machine
CBFI has CE certificate for tube ice maker, and three inventional patents including tube ice making machine itself, a tube ice cutter, and a new kind of tube ice cutter.


Large and medium-sized industrial tube ice making machines

With modular design, it is easy to install, transport and operate. The whole machine consists of 3 parts:

Evaporator part: Install the evaporator and some evaporator accessories, pipeline control valves, etc. on a steel frame to form a whole. The evaporator part of the tube ice is relatively high. During transportation, the "evaporator part" can be laid down as a whole and erected at the site for installation, which does not affect the normal use of the machine and meets the requirements of container transportation.

Compressor unit part: including compressor, condenser, liquid accumulator, oil separator, gas separator, electric control box and other equipment, all installed on a steel frame to form a whole.

Cooling tower part: cooling tower, cooling water pump and cooling water pipe.

How Tube Ice Making Machines Make Ice

After the refrigeration system is in normal operation, the water in the lower water tank is transported from the water outlet to the water inlet of the upper water tank by the cold water pump. The water passes through the water separator and flows downward along the inner wall of the heat exchange tube in a spiral flow manner. The refrigerant outside the tube conducts heat exchange, and the temperature decreases. Part of the water forms tubular ice strips on the inner wall of the heat exchange tube. The unfrozen water returns to the lower water tank. The inner hole is also getting smaller and smaller.

After a certain period of time, the water stops circulating, the refrigeration system switches to the deicing mode, the ice cutting mechanism operates, and the outer surface of the heat exchange tube becomes a high-pressure refrigerant hot gas. The hot gas exchanges heat with the tube ice on the inner wall of the tube, and the hot gas makes the tube ice and The contact part of the inner wall of the heat exchange tube melts, the tube ice loses its adhesive force, and falls into the ice cutting mechanism due to gravity, and is cut into one tube ice.