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The development history of block ice machine

Before the invention of the block ice machine, without refrigeration technology, people in ancient times wanted to store food in their own underground cellars in winter, and moved blocks of ice to the cellar in the frozen river. The food to be preserved is placed in the ice cellar to achieve the purpose of keeping the food fresh. However, there is more snow in the north. In the subtropical areas of the south, there is no ice and snow 365 days a year. It is conceivable that it was more difficult to preserve food for longer periods in the south at that time. The inventor of the block ice machine is Dr. John Gory of the United States. Dr. John Gorey is a doctor, scientist, inventor, and humane self-righteous. He showed the ice packing machines to the world in 1851 and obtained the design patent for the ice packing machines, although Dr. Gori never made the ice machine Used in business, but he is still considered the father of refrigeration. In addition, he invented the air cooling system for Florida hospitals. However, Dr. Gory is not the only inventor of the ice machine. In 1853, Downing Alexander and James Harrison of Australia in 1855 were also the inventors of the ice machine. These two inventors also obtained related ice machines. Technology patents. Thaddeus Lowe invented the first commercial ice packing machines in 1866 and used it in commerce. This was the first ice machine used in commercial production.
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