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The determination of lithium bromide chiller refrigerating capacity

Lithium bromide chiller manual and automatic operation after debugging, and accounting on the refrigerating capacity of the chiller. General requirements on the industrial ice machine water outlet piping installation flowmeter, water chiller operating mode stability to measure. The refrigerating capacity of the calculation, based on measuring the refrigerant water flow per unit time reading and refrigerant water in and out of the water temperature difference.

the calculation formula is: Q = G/T· C· Δ T
Q - the refrigerating capacity of the unit, kw.
G - they flow of refrigerant water quality measurement time, kg.
T - measuring time, S.
- water specific heat C, kJ/kg ℃.
Δ T - refrigerant temperature difference of water in and out of the unit, ℃.

if by examining calculate the refrigerating capacity of less than the rate of water chiller provisions, to analyze the reason, are excluded. If it is difficult to eliminate and can not meet the design requirements, and manufacturers to talk things over solve. If debugging qualified, met the requirement of the refrigerating capacity of the project deliverable unit to use.

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