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The decision of the evaporation temperature

Evaporation temperature is determined by what, the first is determined by the evaporation of industrial ice machine in the evaporator heat transfer and flow in a balance of heat, such as when water flow, evaporation temperature will rise, reduce the water flow is reduced. Second, by the amount of feed liquid with a balance of the inspiratory capacity, such as when extended capillary, evaporation temperature drop, after the cut short capillary evaporation temperature rise, increase the compressor speed, evaporation temperature drop.

a statement I found on the web:

evaporating pressure by evaporation and reaches a certain balance and compressor suction fluid for three after the formation of the

for liquid evaporation more high pressure for liquid evaporating pressure low

evaporation much evaporation high pressure evaporation pressure low

suction increased evaporation pressure lower suction decreased evaporation pressure high

who has a better explanation?
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