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The daily maintenance of air cooled screw water chillers in summer

With the advent of summer, the temperature is increased, the use of air cooled screw chiller frequency also increase gradually, using time is longer. In order to ensure its efficiency and service life, the daily maintenance of air cooled screw water chiller in the summer is more important.

cold water machine manufacturer for you summarized below 3 points:
1, check the industrial ice machine filter drier, if it is found that the filter drier export position have frost phenomenon, indicating congestion. This phenomenon is often accompanied by evaporating pressure is too low and the evaporation temperature and chilled water outlet temperature difference increase phenomenon. Attention should be paid to timely replacement industrial ice machine filter drier,
2, check the oil level in the tank, the normal oil level shall generally be in the central position of the lens. If found a larger decline, oil level should be timely to add frozen oil;
in daily can also be found in the maintenance of many devices exist hidden dangers and fault, in advance, prevent damage of equipment suddenly cause disruption.

3, operation management in the process of water chiller operation for specialist operations, all the pressure gauge must be tested, especially in the winter or low temperature environment, the need to stop running or idle for a long time, must empty the evaporator and condenser in the medium, to prevent medium ice causes the damage of water chiller.

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