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The daily maintenance and maintenance of centrifugal chiller

Is a professional factory in cold water, through the analysis of common fault of centrifugal chiller, it is concluded that the results of centrifugal industrial ice machine failure is a process of quantitative change to qualitative change. From the point of view, we think to strengthen the maintenance and centrifugal chiller maintenance becomes very important.

in the daily centrifugal chiller 【 Hereinafter referred to as the cold water machine 】 Maintenance should do the following:
1, to improve the quality of daily inspection. For operators, technicians and maintenance personnel to further enhance the quality of the inspection of tank temperature, cold water machine vibration value, current value, power, evaporating and condensing pressure, industrial ice machine liquid level inspection parameters, such as timing records, detailed record operation rule.
3, cold water machine lubricating oil analysis work regularly. Found oil analysis is unqualified to replace lubricating oil in time. Clean up the oil filter on a regular basis.
4, a failure to report suspicious, and handling in time according to the common fault table, avoid unplanned downtime.
5, to summarize cold water machine running status on a regular basis, to track to explore potential source of trouble.

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