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The cycle of direct fired lithium bromide absorption chiller and the process

Direct fired lithium bromide absorption chiller with gas or fuel for energy, for high temperature flue gas generated by the heat source, according to the principle of steam absorption cycle work. This unit can be used for cooling in summer, and can be used for industrial cooling, wide use. Direct double-effect lithium bromide chiller refrigeration with steam double-effect lithium bromide absorption chiller is the same, not just the high voltage generator steam heating, but direct burning in fuel in high temperature flue gas as heat source. Direct chiller and steam double-effect double-effect water chillers, same solution circuit also has the branch of series and parallel processes, mainly consists of the following three ways to provide hot water hot water loop, and consists of three basic types of unit:

chiller cold water and hot water use the same circuit and heating coil hot water circuit in evaporator.

hot and cold water use the same circuit direct cold tube cold hot water unit and used for hot coil, chiller and used for hot water unit. Hot water when making a hot water flow in the original cold water loop, so, hot and cold water use the same circuit, by alternately working condition of the transformation from cold water and hot water.

( 2) Chiller of the cooling water circuit switch into hot water circuit in absorber and condenser, and the hot water circuit heating coil. Then cooling water circuit switch into hot water loop, the cooling coil and a heating coil and cooling water pump and hot water pump, by switching valve operation mode transformation, alternately making cold water and hot water, water chiller water chillers for air-conditioning in summer and winter for heating system of hot water.

( 3) Set up circuit with water heater and hot water heating coil constitute a special hot water circuit.

set up the hot water circuit direct in the system of hot water double-effect lithium bromide chiller, close the cold water and hot and cold switching valves, open the water valve, at this time only a high voltage generator and water heater, high voltage generator to produce the industrial ice machine vapor condensation outside the water heater coil, condensate, relying on gravity flow back into the solution, the equivalent of a gas boiler.
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